El Reno - essay

The El Reno tornado of 2013, an enormous tornado spawned on May 31st, was the biggest tornado ever recorded measuring 2.6 miles across, and was produced from a supercell that earlier produced quite a lot of tornados that previous day.

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Cars are very influential in humans life

Cars are very influential in humans life; that's why choosing the right car is important; not only for yourself but also for the environment. As Elon Musk believes, "we will not stop until every car on the road is electric(Elon musk)". Multiple current inventors trust in the future of electric cars and what they bring to the world. It's proven that electric cars can save a lot more money than you realize and can produce better air for humans to breath, but can also cause battery problems no one wanted.

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Essay about Hunger Games

Alliances, water, food, sponsors, and a little hope. These are all different things you will need in order to survive in the hunger games. You would think that the survivors would have this luxurious life to live in Victory Village, a district where all of the survivors live, and with all of that extra money they have from winning. Well, there lives aren't all perfect as they may seem or look on camera. The victors of the games are scripted and practically owned by the capitol and used like a couple of props in their game.

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